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UPMC Facts and Figures

  • 31,000 students of which 20 percent are international
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates
  • 9,600 in staff, of which 3,750 are professor-researchers
  • 100 research laboratories
  • 8 main teaching hospitals
  • 8,500 publications per year (approx. 11% of the publication in France)
  • Ranked the top university in France and 6th in Europe by both Shanghai and Taiwan.
  • 4th in the world for mathematics
  • Member of three of the five the European innovation networks, in: Climate, ICT, and Health


Communications Department

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Secretariat of the President

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Welcome to the Leading French Scientific and Medical University

UPMC represents French excellence in science and medicine. A direct descendant of the historic Sorbonne, UPMC is  the top French university by the Shanghai world rankings, 7th in Europe and 36th in the world. UPMC encompasses all major sciences, such as mathematics (5th in the world); chemistry; physics; electronics; computer science; mechanics; Earth, marine and environmental sciences; life sciences; and medicine.


With 8,500 publications per year, approximately 11% of the national production, UPMC is a major player in the international knowledge and innovation economy, as shown by its many international awards. The University has more than 3,750 researchers and professor-researchers in 100 laboratories  and an additional 2,800 researchers working as partners from four French national research organizations: the CNRS (science), Inserm (health and medical), the IRD (development) and Inria (computing and automation). UPMC files more than 20 patents each year and has cooperation agreements with prestigious universities worldwide. Its partnerships with major French and international research organizations and participation in various international networks are testament to the University’s international involvement.


The largest scientific and medical education center in France, UPMC offers its 34,000 students (of which 20 percent are foreign) a demanding and diverse curriculum organized into 10 bachelor programs, 11 master's degrees and 16 doctoral schools and France’s largest library center. UPMC promotes study abroad programs as a valuable educational and cultural asset through its four international bachelor’s, 16 international master’s and four international doctorates in partnership with universities worldwide.


UPMC, a founding member of Sorbonne University. This re-establishment of the historic Sorbonne University is a comprehensive group of establishments—all top in their fields—offering students an expanded choice of major-minor courses and degrees designed for emerging professions. As part of the Sorbonne University group, UPMC research spans not only the sciences and medicine, but also technology, economics, humanities and the arts. Its research at the intersection of numerous domains and transversal themes is supported by cluster hiring. Sorbonne University was also selected as an “Excellence Initiative” by the French government, and includes four national research organizations as members: the CNRS, Inserm, the IRD and Inria.


Shanghaï Ranking 2017

UPMC the top French university


On August 15, Shanghai's Jiao Tong University published its annual academic annual ranking (ARWU).

UPMC remains at the head of French research universities this year. It also ranks ninth in Europe and is in 40th place worldwide.

 In natural sciences and mathematics, UPMC ...

Go to Jean Chambaz Elected President of Sorbonne University 11.12.2017

Jean Chambaz Elected President of Sorbonne University

Jean Chambaz was elected President of Sorbonne University by the Board of Directors of the University on Monday, December 11, 2017.

Sorbonne University will be established on January 1, 2018, following the merger between the Paris-Sorbonne and the Pierre and Marie Curie Universities.

Supported by the ...

Go to Reuters ranking 2017 - UPMC among the most innovative universities in Europe 31.05.2017

Reuters ranking 2017 - UPMC among the most innovative universities in Europe

UPMC is the 7th university ranked among the most innovative in Europe according to Reuters. It is also the top French university in this ranking and has risen seven places since to 2016.

The Reuters ranking of the most innovative European universities identifies and classifies public institutions that ...

Go to UPMC Awards Prince Albert II of Monaco a Docteur Honoris Causa 22.03.2017

UPMC Awards Prince Albert II of Monaco a Docteur Honoris Causa

On Tuesday, 21st March 2017, in the Grand Salon of the Sorbonne, S.A.S Prince Albert II of Monaco received the insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa by Jean Chambaz, president of UPMC.

S.A.S. Prince Albert II became the fourteenth ruler of the Principality of Monaco in 6 April 2005. In June 2006, he founded ...

Go to Professor-Researcher Recruitment for 2017 24.01.2017 - 31.08.2017

Professor-Researcher Recruitment for 2017

Pierre and Marie Curie University is recruiting qualified associate professors and full professors.

All full-time university positions that start on 1 September, 2017.

Click here for more information on UPMC.

For more information on the positions available, please click on the pages below:

- The list of job opening ...

Go to Academic Excellence Celebrated at the Sorbonne 12.10.2016

Academic Excellence Celebrated at the Sorbonne

The ceremony for the honorary doctors on October 11, 2016 brought together Pierre et Marie Curie and Paris-Sorbonne universities in the Great Amphitheater of the Sorbonne to honor the six women and eight men that have been recognized for their important contributions to their respective disciplines. ...

Go to The 2016 Docteur Honoris Causa Ceremony 06.10.2016

The 2016 Docteur Honoris Causa Ceremony

For the first time, UPMC and Paris-Sorbonne have jointly awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa title. They pay tribute to these men and women, who have each advanced their field and contributed to the evolution of our knowledge and our society. In this way, UPMC and Paris-Sorbonne support cooperation across ...