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Laure Saint-Raymond, Youngest Elected to French Academy of Science

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Laure Saint-Raymond, youngest elected to the Academy of Science

38-year-old Laure Saint-Raymond became the youngest member elected to the French Academy of Sciences in the section of mechanical and computer science on December 10, 2013.

She is a professor of mathematics at UPMC and at the École normale supérieure - Ulm. She is also member of Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory (UPMC/CNRS). Previously, Saint-Raymond won the 2011 Irène Joliot Curie award, in the category of "young woman scientist".

Saint-Raymond works primarily in the field of hydrodynamics, statistical physics and fluid mechanics. In particular, she studies the influence of wind on ocean movements and geodynamic effect. As mathematician and digital analyst, Saint-Raymond studies systems of equations with partial derivatives from oceanography.

The French Academy of Sciences brings together some of the most prominent French and foreign scholars. As an independent academy, it encourages scientific life and contributes to the progress of science and its applications. It now has 262 members, 132 foreign associates and 98 correspondents working for the common goals of promoting science education, imparting knowledge, promoting international collaboration, and ensuring the role of scientific expertise and advice.

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