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Véronique Perdereau, awarded a Stars of Europe trophy

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Véronique Perdereau, awarded a Stars of Europe trophy

Professor at the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics ( ISIR-UPMC/CNRS ) and coordinator of the HANDLE project, Véronique Perdereau was awarded the Star of Europe during the launching ceremony of the European Programme 2020 on Monday, 16th December, 2013.

Through multidisciplinary research, the HANDLE project's ambition is to use a robotic hand to reproduce the mechanisms at work in the human understanding and manipulation. This required a robotic hand equiped with the intelligence to identify a manipulation strategy that would be adapted to the object and its use by the robot. The robotic hand had t show both dexterity and autonomy. This intelligence was taught to the robot first by humans, and then reinforced byits own experience.

With a budget of approximately 79 billion euros, this project brings together European research and innovation programs throughout the European Union. Each state is responsible for launching the program, the French event took the opportunity to award the Stars of Europe trophy to the coordinators of European research and innovation projects that are managed by a French structure.