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Artistic, literary, musical creations and Flow Machinery - François Pachet

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Artistic, literary and musical creations and the flow machinery of François Pachet

Flow Machines: Interacting with Style

Can machines help us become more creative? The issue is central to the Flow Machines project, led by François Pachet (director of SONY CSL Paris*). The project's basic idea is to link creativity with the concept of "style." The style is what makes a creator—painter, writer or composer—different and recognizable. Inventing a style is a long process, which sometimes lasts a lifetime. Indeed, when we look at the journey of artists that have invented a new style, we realize that they started by manipulating other creators’ styles until something new and interesting emerges.


The Flow Machine project looks this problem from a computational point of view: how can a machine understand the style of a creator and turn it into a computational object, and more specifically, an object that can be manipulated by users to produce new creations that have their own constraints.


Say you want to write a song, meaning a melody with an underlying harmony. You could choose patterns or notes that you like (so-called "constraints") and ask the system to "fill the gaps" in the style of your favorite composer, from Mozart to McCartney! The same idea applies to all the "sequential" arts such as prose and poetry. The result: a new generation of applications to produce content that helps users to experiment with new ideas and, ultimately, to find their own style!

*The Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris engages in fundamental research in cutting edge areas of science that are relevant for pushing the state of the art in computing. It is a sister laboratory of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo. François Pachet, Visiting Professor at the Computer Science Laboratory of Paris 6 (CNRS / UPMC) and laboratory director Sony CSL Paris © SONY CSL


François Pachet, visiting professor at the Paris 6 Computer Lab (LIP6, a joint CNRS/UPMC lab) and the director of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris. © SONY CSL

Illustration of th Flow Machine project © Fiammetta Ghedini


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