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Scientific Interest Group: University Study Centre for an Environmental Risk Agency (CURARE)

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Scientific Interest Group: University Study Centre for an Environmental Risk Agency (CURARE)

Due to their importance and many consequences, natural risks are of great concern in public opinion.

The area around the Mediterranean is particularly susceptible to natural, environmental risks.

- How should we prepare for these phenomena, anticipate them and manage them?

- How, through knowledge, can we develop a pertinent land management and sustainable development policy?

Universities and research organisations are structuring their future work around a centre of excellence in order to identify, analyse and understand environmental risks and respond to these questions, social needs and public demands.

This centre is a risk agency and is primarily concerned with geology. It involves an evaluation structure that acts as a liaison between research and development structures and the participants involved in the management chain of risks, sustainable development and land management.

With a great concern for social and environmental progress, the agency will support the fostering of knowledge for the development of new professional opportunities on an international level, based on research and teaching programmes adapted to environmental professions.

This context of exchanges will contribute to considerably diminishing the costs and consequences of the occurrence of disasters that cause human and material loss as well as economic crises.

During 2006, the Scientific Interest Group CURARE developed proposals for submission concerning the necessary creation of an agency that would manage data related to our environmental heritage in such a way as to make this data available to businesses to meet the needs of their areas of expertise.