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Hosting Agreement (Convention d'accueil)

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International Welcome Office


Office 1605, Zamansky Tower, Jussieu campus


Responsible for the Welcome Office
+33 (0)1 44 27 41 16


Convention d'accueil

Non-European researchers that are planning to work at UPMC need to ask for a Convention d’accueil (hosting agreement) from UPMC. This convention is the most efficient and rapid means to obtain a long-term visa for France. It entitles you to a visa specifically created for foreign research scholars in France: the scientific visa (VLS-TS mention « scientifique »).


The convention d’accueil is issued by the Prefecture in Paris. In order to obtain the convention d’accueil, the host lab has to send a request for the convention d’accueil, a copy of your last diploma and your contract or your scholarship letter to Omar Diallo, Coordinator of the International Welcome Office of UPMC and contact of the prefecture in Paris:

Omar Diallo
Tel. +33(0)1 44 27 41 16

The conventions are handed to the prefecture every Tuesday morning. They can be collected at the International Welcome Office one week after deposit.

Download the "demande de convention d'accueil"Nouvelle fenêtre

The host laboratory is responsible for sending the convention d’accueil to the foreign researcher. Researchers that are living outside of France can present it at their embassy in order to obtain their first visa. You will be provided with the necessary visa valid for one year VLS–TS (visa de long séjour valant titre de séjour). With the visa you will also receive a paper called “Visa de long séjour- demande d’attestation OFII) at the embassy that you will have to send to the Immigration Office after your arrival in France.

If you want to be accompanied by your wife or your husband, she/he can obtain a “visa vie privée et familiale” at the embassy and can as well apply for a titre de séjour (« scientifique conjoint ») in France. This visa allows him/her to work full time in France (new article L. 313-8 du CESEDA).

Researchers that are already living in France can present the convention d’accueil to the prefecture in order to obtain or renew their “titre de séjour scientifique”. If you live in Paris you can hand in your documents to UPMC via the contact person in the International Relations Department. You don’t have to go to the prefecture.
For further information please contact Omar Diallo or make an appointment to hand in your documents.

Who can obtain the convention d’accueil?

The convention d’accueil can be obtained by the following researchers:

- PHD students with a contract by UPMC.
- PHD students who come to UPMC for an internship and who don’t get enrolled at UPMC.
- post-doctorants, professors et research engineers.

Who cannot obtain the convention d’accueil?

- PHD students that are enrolled at UPMC and that are paid by a scholarship
- Algerian PHD students that have a contract at UPMC (l'accord franco-algérien du 27 décembre 1968)
- Romanian PHD students
- Researchers from the European Union
- Researchers from Irelanc, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland

Algerian and Romanian PHD students as well as the PHD students with a scholarship have to apply for a student visa.
Romanian PHD students that have completed the second year of their master's degree in France can enter, live and work in France without necessarily having to apply for any authorization to work.