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Ongoing Research Programs

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The International Relations Department

The Jussieu campus

Zamansky Tower, 16th floor

Sabine Lopez, Director

Secretary: Ms. Dominique Bouret

tel. +33 (0)1 44 27 26 74 email


The Research and Technology Transfer Department

European Affairs Office

The Jussieu campus

Zamansky Tower, 17th floor

Elena Billi-Rizza,

Head of office

tel. : +33 (0)1 44 27 23 93 email

Secretary: Alisa Russanova

tel : +33 (0)1 44 27 51 92 email

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Click to read about all the UPMC researchers that have received grants from the European Research Council.

The ERCs Awarded at UPMC


Ongoing Research Programs

Framework Program 7:

UPMC has been particularly active in the 7th Framework Program, with more than 158 projects and a total of nearly €90m in funding, including grants from the European Research Council (ERC) and the Marie Curie Actions. UPMC has been coordinating the OneLab2, Cut’Hivac, Treatrush, Handle, GROOM, TARDIS and ACCESS projects.

European Research Council (ERC):

UPMC researchers have been awarded Principal Investigator in 20 ERCs (Starting, Consolidator and Advanced Grants), and 15 of the 20 ERCs are hosted at UPMC.

Marie Curie Actions

These actions enable UPMC to welcome researchers from around the world. This program also lets those with doctorates from UPMC to continue their research outside France.


This Franco-German idea supports technological cooperation projects between European companies and laboratories in order to strengthen European competitiveness. UPMC has signed 15 EUREKA projects for a total of €5 million in funding.


The European Capacities program is designed to improve research capacity and innovation, and to ensure the optimal use of facilities. UPMC is participating in seven research infrastructures, including SPIRIT.

Cohesion Funds

The Cohesion Funds is designed to strengthen economic and social cohesion within the European Union by correcting regional imbalances. UPMC has 19 projects that are co-financed by the cohesion funds.

Knowledge and Innovation Communities

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) integrates education, research and innovation, through "Knowledge and Innovation Communities" (KICs) gathering higher education, research institutes, companies and other stakeholders in the innovation institutions in national nodes ( co-location centers ) for a period of 7-15 years.


We currently participate in three of the five KICs that have been launched:

                        Climate KICNouvelle fenêtre               - Climate KIC in FranceNouvelle fenêtre


                        EIT DigitalNouvelle fenêtre                  - EIT Digital Paris NodeNouvelle fenêtre


                        EIT HealthNouvelle fenêtre                   - EIT Health in FranceNouvelle fenêtre

For more information, please contact the European Affairs Office:
Elena Billi-Rizza
, +33 (0)1 44 27 23 93