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Acoustics specialization (M2)

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  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Acoustics specialization (M2)

Acoustic Engineering course. This M2 level course is the result of a merger between three pre-existing courses (Architectural Acoustics, Physical Acoustics and Industrial Acoustics). It covers the very large range of issues involved in acoustics, some of which have emerged strongly in the last few years because of new regulations. The merger is primarily a means to mutualize certain fundamental classes, so that all the acousticians will have a top-class scientific knowledge base. There is still a choice of specialization with three consistent streams offering a large range of applications and where certain papers are at the intersection of different fields. The three streams lead to research and to employment in industry or in research consultancy.

The Signal Processing, Computer Science and Musical Acoustics course was established on the initiative of several French institutions active in the field of musical research, supported by the Ministry of Culture and initially co-run by four higher education establishments. The course was designed to scientific base and musical culture necessary for undertaking research in the fields of musical acoustics, audio signal processing and musical computer science. After more than ten years of operation, nearly a hundred PhDs have been undertaken. This course leads to research and teaching opportunities, principally, and opportunities in industry, in the audio and music fields. It is run in collaboration with Ircam, Telecom Paris. The course is linked with the Computer Science major.


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Administrative coordinator
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4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris

e-mail address : master.sdi@umpc.fr

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