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High-Level Sports, a Tradition at UPMC

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High-level Sports, a Tradition at UPMC

Since 1987, UPMC has welcomed top athletes into its programs. Nearly 1,000 students have been welcomed since the beginning of the program. The university has created a certificate of fully completed studies, co-signed by its president and the national technical director of the corresponding sports federation, in order to facilitate the professional integration of students. In addition, co-operation agreements have been made with INSEP, the regional directorate for youth and sports. The French National Olympic and Sports Committee has formally recognized the academic programs offered by UPMC, which are personalized to adapt to demanding athletic schedules.


A top-level student athlete charter was created in 1999.  On signing the charter, the athlete commits to respecting the professional ethics of competition sports, particularly with regard to doping.  They represent the university in university competitions.


Trying to reconcile their studies and training requirements without special provisions puts top-level student athletes at a great disadvantage.  However, UPMC has decided to meet this challenge with you.
Top-Level Sport Programme (Mission sport de haut niveau) - Department of Physical and Sports Actvities (Département des activités physiques et sportives)
Jean Talbot Sports Centre
UPMC - Jussieu Campus
David Izidore, tel. +33 (0)144 27 59 95


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