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Department of Physical and Sports Activities

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Department of Physical and Sports Activities

Balance, health, well-being, pleasure - choose your sport!


You can enrol in the DAPS from the 1st September 2008 and all courses start on the 15 September 2008.


The DAPS’ Mission: 


The purpose of physical and sports activities is physical training and contributing toward the students' general education.


All of these practices require physical factors such as balance, coordination, perception, sensations, muscle tone, in other words, the complex connection between the physique and its mental and psychological components.


A health factor, these characteristics which make up the human element, are expressed through expertise and will be in line with current training challenges.


The department's various areas of activity aim to contribute toward building a university culture.


The development of this culture is based on clearly identified and defined objectives.  It gives access to a responsible practice that demands the development of the critical mind and creativity.  It takes the form of implementing and realising individual and collective projects including university competitions.


Being a student is also being able to benefit from the activities offered by the university: practicing a physical, sports or creative activity (APSA; Activité Physique Sportive et Artistique) is a part of this.  You can attend free courses (at no additional cost) provided by the DAPS, mostly at the Jean Talbot Sports Centre on the Jussieu campus.  Find out more and make time!


Some thirty different activities are on offer:


Badminton | Basketball | Kick boxing | Dance: 'Join the Dance' (Entrez dans la danse) | Modern and Contemporary Dance | Climbing | Fencing | Football | Non-Impact Exercise | Fitness Exercises | Artistic gymnastics | Handball | Hip-Hop | Judo | Ju-jitsu | Physical Conditioning | Body Building | Exercise Bike Workout | General Workout | Body Building Workout | Self Defence | Self Defence - Ju-jitsu | Sophrology - Relaxation | Step Aerobics | Stretching | Taï Chi Chuan | Tennis | Table Tennis | Volleyball | Dynamic Yoga.


Disciplines offered at external facilities:


Athletics | Rowing | Fitness Exercises (staff at the Voltaire site) |
Climbing | Swimming


Particular projects: participating in health preventive initiatives in partnership with the SUMPPS, the exercise bike relay in May and team and racket sport tournaments as part of the Courses for all.



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