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Staying in Paris

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Staying in Paris

Listed below are the contact details of various centres in Paris.
- Ucrif, aujourd’hui éthic étapes: meetings and exchanges are the two watchwords of this type of accommodation.  Give an international dimension to your stay, whether it is for sports, education or leisure!  There are six centres to accommodate you in the Paris region and five in Paris. www.ucrif.asso.frNouvelle fenêtre
- Promoting quality youth travel, such is the aim of BVJ (bureau des voyages de la jeunesse; office for youth travel) Paris Quartier Latin.  Located at 44, rue des Bernardins 75005 Paris, you can enjoy Paris in simple and low-cost accommodation.  Paris is all yours! 
Tel. +33 (0)143 29 34 80 or on www.bvjhostelparis.comNouvelle fenêtre.  Visit the website of the league of French youth hostels (la ligue française des auberges de la jeunesse).
- Promoting free and friendly exchanges between young people around the world is the ongoing concern of the FIAP Jean Monnet (Foyer International d’accueil de Paris; Paris international hostel), an accommodation centre for young people of all backgrounds, alone or in groups.  You will find a wealth of information on this dedicated site. 
30, rue Cabanis 75014 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)143 13 17 00 or on www.fiap.asso.frNouvelle fenêtre
- Created by the city of Paris, the Paris international travel centres (centres internationaux de séjours de Paris) make accommodation in the capital accessible to the widest number of people possible.  They are managed under a public service delegation of the Mairie de Paris by the French education league (Ligue de l’Enseignement).

CISP 6, avenue Maurice Ravel, 75012 Paris et CISP 17, bd Kellermann 75013 Paris
Tel and website: +33 (0)143 58 96 00 or on www.cisp.frNouvelle fenêtre