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Handbook of satellite orbits - from Kepler to GPS

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Handbook of satellite orbits - from Kepler to GPS - Michel Capderou

Michel Capderou est maître de conférence à l’UPMC depuis 1989 et chercheur au sein du laboratoire de météorologie dynamiqueNouvelle fenêtreNouvelle fenêtre (LMD).

Il publie la version actualisée et enrichie, en langue anglaise de "Satellites : de Kepler au GPS"(Springer, 2012), "Handbook of satellite orbits - from Kepler to GPS".


Fifty years after Sputnik, artificial satellites have become indispensable monitors in many areas, such as economics, meteorology, telecommunications, navigation and remote sensing. The specific orbits are important for the proper functioning of the satellites. This book discusses the great variety of satellite orbits, both in shape (circular to highly elliptical) and properties (geostationary, Sun-synchronous, etc.). This volume starts with an introduction into geodesy. This is followed by a presentation of the fundamental equations of mechanics to explain and demonstrate the properties for all types of orbits. Numerous examples are included, obtained through IXION software developed by the author.

The book also includes an exposition of the historical background that is necessary to help the reader understand the main stages of scientific thought from Kepler to GPS.

This book is intended for researchers, teachers and students working in the field of satellite technology. Engineers, geographers and all those involved in space exploration will find this information valuable.


Lire l'interview en français de Michel Capderou au moment de la sortie de son livre en 2012.