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Plasapar summer school,université d'été

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La mobilité internationale, c’est l’occasion de se distinguer par un parcours académique original, une ouverture culturelle, une meilleure faculté d’adaptation, la connaissance de nouvelles langues. C’est aussi le meilleur moyen de construire un réseau professionnel solide.

Aujourd’hui à l’UPMC, 300 ...

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Direction des relations internationales

Parvis Jussieu

Tour Zamansky

16e étage 
Sabine Lopez, directrice des relations internationales

Secrétariat :  Mme Séverine Elizabeth-Maury

tél. +33(0)1 44 27 26 74


Plas@Par école d'été

 From the laboratory to the distant universe : the world of plasmas Annoucement for the 4th Plas@Par summer schoolNouvelle fenêtre


Date and place: August 21st-27th 2016 in Banyuls (Languedoc-Roussillon)

This school is organized once a year during one week in August. We offer the unique possibility to join, free of charge, a 5 days summer school in Banyuls (Languedoc-Roussillon). This school is targeting students entering the master level, but can also be appreciated by master students to broaden their horizon or PhD students that are searching to change research topics.


Objective : The main objective of the summer school is to introduce plasma physics in any state from Laboratory, to the distant universe. Plas@Par selects good ranked students with a good background in physics or applied mathematics, to introduce them to the diversity of plasma physics. Hence the formation covers various aspects of plasmas: astrophysical and natural plasmas, laboratory plasmas generated by lasers, electrical devices, ion beams, and also cold plasmas for industrial applications etc.


Program director : Philippe Savoini

For this school, a good knowledge in general physics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetism, spectroscopy and electrostatic is recommended. Lectures, accommodation (hotel and restaurant) and transfer Paris - Banyuls are free of charge.


For more information, contact: Xavier Fresquet



Plas@Par welcomes worldwide student holding a Bachelor’s Degree, or an undergraduate Master’s degree (L3-M1).

Students should have completed at least 2 years of university studies. They should hold a Bachelor degree in Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics (or a certified equivalent amount of learning in the same field, quantified as 3 years of previous studies corresponding to at least 180 credits in the European Credit Transfer System).

As a result of the limited available places (max. 25 students), the selection will be made based on a CV and the shortlisting of the students will be undertaken at the beginning of June. In order to apply to our Summer School, you will have to send the required documents (look at the present school section to download the form). In short, you will have to send us

1-The form completed and signed.

2-A copy of your ID, or passport.

3-A copy of your student card.

4-A copy of your recent transcript and proof of diploma/degree (translation in English or French is mandatory). (in particularly, your grades from your last year at the university)

5-A certification of good knowledge of the English (not required if english is your mother tongue).

6-Letters of recommendation from one or two referees (in English or French). Recommended but not mandatory

For this school, a good knowledge in general physics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetism and electrostatic, spectroscopy is recommended.


Send your files in PdF to