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Serge Fdida, Vice President Europe

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Serge Fdida, Vice President Europe

Serge Fdida has been a professor of computer science at UPMC since 1995. His research theme focuses on the evolution of the Internet, especially the design of inovative wireless networks and large-scale experimental platforms. He was first appointed professor in 1991 at the University of Paris Descartes, and he spent a sabbatical as a visiting researcher at IBM Research in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). He received his PhD and HDR at UPMC.

Serge Fdida has been very involved in research administration: as deputy director of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer at Paris Descartes (1993-1994), in charge of the STIC department at the CNRS (2000-2005), member of the INRIA Evaluation Committee, part of section 7 of the CNRS National Committee, vice president of RNRT, and he was vice president of international relations at UPMC from September 2010 until his current appointment in May 2012.