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Nathalie Drach-Temam, VP Education

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UPMC Facts and Figures

  • 31,000 students of which 20 percent are international
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates
  • 9,600 in staff, of which 3,750 are professor-researchers
  • 100 research laboratories
  • 8 main teaching hospitals
  • 8,500 publications per year (approx. 11% of the publication in France)
  • Ranked the top university in France and 6th in Europe by both Shanghai and Taiwan.
  • 4th in the world for mathematics
  • Member of three of the five the European innovation networks, in: Climate, ICT, and Health


Communications Department

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Secretariat of the President

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Nathalie Drach-Temam, Vice President Education

Nathalie Drach-Temam is currently in charge of initial and continuous education, orientation and career guidance, partnerships, appreticeships with socio-economic partners, and student life.

Nathalie Drach-Temam was previously Vice President Career Guidance from 2012 to 2016, and before that, both director of career guidance and member of the Education Directorate. Since 2004, Nathalie Drach-Temam has held several positions at the head of a specialty within the master’s of computing and in the implementation of support programs and projects around employability.

As part of her research, she created and led the ALSOC (Architecture and Software for Embedded Systems) team at LIP6 (the computing laboratory of Paris 6). After studying math, Nathalie Drach-Temam wrote her thesis at INRIA and received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Rennes-I. Associate Professor from 1995 to 2003 at the University Paris-Sud XI, she joined UPMC in 2004 as a full professor and researcher at LIP6 where she is interested in joint architecture, programming and compilation to optimize the performance of high-performance embedded systems.


Vice-président délégué à la formation initiale:

Jean-Michel Siaugue

Vice-président délégué à la vie étudiante:

David Izidore 


Chargée de mission relations et synergies entreprises:

Colette Lucas



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Vice-présidence formation et insertion professionnelle

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