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Staff Social Services

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UPMC Facts and Figures

  • 31,000 students of which 20 percent are international
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates
  • 9,600 in staff, of which 3,750 are professor-researchers
  • 100 research laboratories
  • 8 main teaching hospitals
  • 8,500 publications per year (approx. 11% of the publication in France)
  • Ranked the top university in France and 6th in Europe by both Shanghai and Taiwan.
  • 4th in the world for mathematics
  • Member of three of the five the European innovation networks, in: Climate, ICT, and Health


Communications Department

+ 33 (0)1 44 27 90 54

Secretariat of the President

+ 33 (0)1 44 27 33 49

Staff Social Services

Head of Department:

Elisabeth NADIM

Service contact details:

UPMC - Tour Zamansky - 5e étage

4 place Jussieu 75252 Paris cedex 05



The staff social services are intended for all the employees of UPMC (teaching and non-teaching staff) whether they are at work or on sick leave. Here you will find someone you can talk to, advice on your personal, family or professional life and, for those who so wish, information and support for particular difficulties (we guarantee the confidentiality of your discussions with us).
The professional code of ethics of the social advisor guarantees the confidentiality of the discussions of those who use the service. The social advisor for work-related issues, who maintains a constant relationship with the employees and different partners, has a very specific role as a point of communication and contact. She offers employees advice on their personal, family and professional concerns by providing information and support with difficulties that they may encounter. She participates in prevention policy, the improvement of living and working conditions within the establishment and the promotion of social programmes for staff. It is part of her work to make a clear evaluation of the social issues within and outside the establishment in an objective manner.



A social service

For whom?

All teaching and non-teaching staff.

For what purpose?

To offer information and orientation services for the staff. To prevent problems before they occur. To evaluate situations and assist in finding solutions. To contribute to the improvement of policies related to social programmes and working conditions. To participate in the activities of the authoritative bodies of the establishment. To offer mediation in certain cases. To participate in think tanks.

With whom?

Within UPMC: the Presidency and General Secretariat, the Human Resources Office, the medical service, the various services, laboratories and Education and Research Units, associations, the hygiene and safety service, etc.
Within national education: the Ministry of National Education (including the accommodation service of the DPATE (Directorate for Administrative, Technical and Management Staff)), the Rectorat (administrative service that manages the affairs of the various categories of university staff), including the Comité Académique des Œuvres Sociales (Academic Committee for Social Works), SAAS (Academic Service for Social Action), DAFCG (Division for Financial Affairs and Management Control), the Medical Committee and CTR. 
Outside of UPMC: The Mutuelle Générale de l’Éducation Nationale (a non-profit society that provides health, social and education protection to its members), the social services of towns/cities, hospitals and Caisses d'Allocations Familiales (a state family social benefit service), certain credit organisations (CMP-CSF), lawyers, family economy advisor, etc.


Staff Member:

Sylvaine Soubiran


Telephone: 01 44 27 46 62

Catherine Bethery
catherine.bethery@upmc.fr - 01 44 27 39 49