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Henri Poincaré Institute

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Director : Cédric Villani

UPMC - Institut Henri Poincaré

11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75231 Paris Cedex 05

www.ihp.frNouvelle fenêtre

UPMC Facts and Figures

  • 31,000 students of which 20 percent are international
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates
  • 9,600 in staff, of which 3,750 are professor-researchers
  • 100 research laboratories
  • 8 main teaching hospitals
  • 8,500 publications per year (approx. 11% of the publication in France)
  • Ranked the top university in France and 6th in Europe by both Shanghai and Taiwan.
  • 4th in the world for mathematics
  • Member of three of the five the European innovation networks, in: Climate, ICT, and Health

Henri Poincaré Institute

Henri Poincaré institute

The Henri Poincaré Institute: today as always, a tool at the service of mathematicians and physicists.

The Institute Henri Poincaré provides an excellent meeting place for mathematicians and physicists, both French and foreign. It is also active in the area of interactions between mathematics and other disciplines.

An internal school of UPMC, Henri Poincaré Institute enjoys international renown, comparable to that of the most prestigious of foreign institutes (Newton Institute Cambridge, MSRI Berkeley and ITP Santa Barbara).
The Emile Borel Centre, which is part of the IHP (Henri Poincaré Institute) organises three-month or six-month thematic programmes in mathematics and theoretical physics. Within the framework of these programmes, courses, conferences and seminars ensure scientific openness and interdisciplinarity.

The IHP is home to the majority of the academic societies linked to mathematics:

- Mathematical Sciences of Paris Foundation (FSMPNouvelle fenêtre)
- French Mathematical Society (SMFNouvelle fenêtre)
- Society of Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SMAINouvelle fenêtre)
- French Physics Society (SFPNouvelle fenêtre)
- French Statistical Society (SFdS)
- Association for Women in MathematicsNouvelle fenêtre
- World Mathematical Year 2000.

The IHP is a member of ERCOMNouvelle fenêtre (European Research Centres on Mathematics) and the IMSINouvelle fenêtre (International Mathematical Sciences Institutes), which groups together, at European level and worldwide, the principal comparable research centres.  The IHP is listed by the International Centre for Scientific ResearchNouvelle fenêtre.
The IHP library is equipped with a particularly rich selection of documentary resources.

For more information, please go to the IHP websiteNouvelle fenêtre.