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21 libraries (13 science libraries, 8 medical libraries)
14 associated libraries
30,000 registered members
1,670,000 visitors annually
320,000 books loaned out per year
17,400 m²
2,550 seating places
140 I.T. stations


240,000 titles approximately (+ 5,645 titles in 2006)
10,450 titles of paper periodicals
5,100 titles of electronic journals
13 databases


150 staff members
216 working days per year (on average)
48 working hours a week on average for sciences
52 working hours a week on average for medicine


The libraries offer a set of collections and services to users within UPMC and, for certain science sections of the BIUSJ (Jussieu Inter-university Science Library), to members of Université Paris-Diderot and the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris.

The Jussieu Inter-university Science Library and the SCDM (Common Medical Reference Service) provide access to a large number of scientific and biomedical databases as well as to a vast choice of unabridged journals and electronic books.


These resources can be consulted on-site or from any distant computer (from home for example) by members of UPMC (teachers, researchers, students, staff). Freely accessible via the internet, a digital set of scientific documents from the 18th and 19th centuries (JubilothèqueNouvelle fenêtre) demonstrate the richness of the heritage housed by the libraries. In parallel to housing reference material, the libraries are developing a range of services for users, of which the most notable is training in information management.

For more information and to consult the libraries’ catalogue, see  JubilNouvelle fenêtre, the reference portal of UPMC.

Information on conditions of registrationNouvelle fenêtre