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Jean Chambaz, the new president of UPMC

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UPMC Facts and Figures

  • 31,000 students of which 20 percent are international
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates
  • 9,600 in staff, of which 3,750 are professor-researchers
  • 100 research laboratories
  • 8 main teaching hospitals
  • 8,500 publications per year (approx. 11% of the publication in France)
  • Ranked the top university in France and 6th in Europe by both Shanghai and Taiwan.
  • 4th in the world for mathematics
  • Member of three of the five the European innovation networks, in: Climate, ICT, and Health


Communications Department

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Secretariat of the President

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Jean Chambaz, president of UPMC

Jean Chambaz, 59, professor of cell biology, hospital practitioner, was elected president of Pierre and Marie Curie University by the board of UPMC in March 2012. He succeeds Maurice Renard, head of the University since September 1, 2011.


Previously holding the offices of VP for Research and the VP for Ways and Means, Jean Chambaz is Professor of Cell Biology at the Pierre and Marie Curie Faculty of Medicine and Head of the Endocrine Biochemistry department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. In 1999, he created a joint INSERM-UPMC research unit in the field of metabolism and intestinal differentiation. In 2007, this unit merged with the Cordeliers research center, of which he is deputy director.


After heading the Physiology and Pathophysiology Doctoral School (ED 394) from 2001 to 2005, he founded the Institute of Doctoral Training at UPMC. He directed the Institute, the first of its kind in France, until 2008. His involvement in structuring European research and the debate on new doctoral missions led to his becoming the first president of the Council for Doctoral Education at the European University Association (EUA) from 2008 to 2011.


Jean Chambaz was elected to the Scientific Council of the University in 2006. In January 2012, he was elected to the University Board, at the head of the list “Reunis” which received 56.6% of the vote and 12 of the 14 seats representing the professor-researcher colleges.


Jean Chambaz obtained 15 votes and Guillaume Morel, research professor of PolyTech, who headed the ETC party list, received 3 votes, and there were 3 abstentions.