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Sylvain Haupert, 2013 CNRS Cristal Prize

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Sylvain Haupert Receives the 2013 CNRS Crystal Prize

Sylvain Haupert, a research engineer in biomedical engineering in the parametric imaging laboratory (CNRS/UPMC), receives the 2013 CNRS Crystal Prize.


Sylvain Haupert studies the mechanical properties of bone, especially its non-linear elastic behavior. He developed a technique based on the principle of non-linear ultrasonic resonance spectroscopy. This technique, originally developed for the study of non-linear materials such as rocks or the elastic properties of metals, has been transposed to the study of the bone.

The device is currently one of the most sensitive in the world, used to characterize the mechanical condition of small sample sizes (a few tens of millimeters) in the presence of formation and accumulation of bone micro-damage. This work opens new perspectives for the study of mechanical and biological role of micro-cracks, especially in diseases such as osteoporosis.

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The Crystal Prize, established in 1992 by the French Scientific Research Center (CNRS), annually honors engineers, technicians and administrative staff. It rewards those who, through their creativity, technical skill and sense of innovation, contribute alongside researchers to the advancement of knowledge and excellence of French research.

Photo: portrait of Sylvain Haupert. D. R.


Sylvain Haupert sylvain.haupert@upmc.fr