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Fabrice Gerbier Receives the 2013 Aimé Cotton Award

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Fabrice Gerbier, Winner of the 2013 Aimé Cotton from the French Physical Society

Fabrice Gerbier, a CNRS researcher at the Kastler-Brossel laboratory (LKB, ENS/UPMC/CNRS/Collège de France), has received the Aimé Cotton award for both his experimental and theoretical work on ultracold atoms and degenerate quantum gases.


Member of the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel since 2006, Gerbier focuses on the study of strongly correlated states within Bose-Einstein micro-condensates, highlighting a quantum phase transition related to magnetism spin states.

He is also responsible for work on the production of artificial gauge fields with the construction of an experimental device for cooling and condensation of ytterbium atoms, and the device is now operational. Gerbier obtained a Starting Grant from the European Research Council for this project in 2010.

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Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel (LKB, ENS/UPMC/CNRS/Collège de France) Nouvelle fenêtre

The Aimé Cotton Award was fcreated by the Council of the French Physical Society in 1953 to honor the memory of Aimé Cotton. It is awarded annually to a young physicist working in the field of atomic and molecular physics and optics and whose work is considered particularly innovative. 

Photo: portrait de Fabrice Gerbier. D. R.