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Benjamin Rotenberg Young Researcher Award

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Benjamin Rotenberg awarded the Young Researcher and the Michel Gouilloud-Schlumberger Prizes

A CNRS researcher in the laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Electrolytes, Colloids and Analytical Sciences (PECSA, UPMC/CNRS/ESPCI ParisTech), Benjamin Rotenberg received the Young Researcher Award in the Division of Physical Chemistry (shared with the CFS and GFS) as well as the Grand Prix of the Academy of Sciences – the Michel Gouilloud Schlumberger Prize.


His work focuses on the multi- scale modeling of loaded systems and the applications to systems of interest to industry and the environment in the field of energy. He is particularly interested in highly porous materials, such as clays, for their role in the storage of nuclear waste in deep geological formations and the geological storage of CO2, as well as nanoporous carbons for use as supercapacitors.

His research looks to understand the mechanisms which reflect the chemical specificity at the molecular level, as well as to introduce appropriately their effect in models to larger scales, which also manifests the structural complexity of the material and its impact on transport properties. He works on both molecular simulations and mesoscopic scales on the relationship between different levels of description.

For more information (in French):

Laboratoire de physicochimie des électrolytes, colloïdes et sciences analytiques (PECSA, UPMC/CNRS/ESPCI ParisTech)Nouvelle fenêtre


The Young Researcher Award 2013 of the Division of Physical Chemistry (shared with the French Physical Society and the Chemical Society of France) was awarded to Benjamin Rotenberg, together with Fouzia Boulmedais. This prize is awarded, on the recommendation of the Division, to a senior researcher, who has played a major role in the community (lecturer, researcher or similar) for original high-quality work in the field of physical chemistry. It will be presented at the “Young Francophone Days featuring Physical Chemists” to be held in Fréjus from 14 to 18 October, 2013.

The Grand Prix Michel Gouilloud - Schlumberger from the Academy of Sciences was founded in 2001 by Schlumberger to perpetuate the memory and work of Michel Gouilloud. This annual prize is awarded to a young scientist or engineer under 45 years old on 1st January of the year of the award for a significant discovery made before the age of 35 in the sciences of the Universe (geology or geophysics). The winner will be especially remarkable for the originality of the basic ideas and applied nature of the work in relation to the exploration, exploitation and use of fossil fuels. Winners are also judged by their concern for the development of the results obtained in the field of oil exploration. In addition, a study tour (lasting a week) will be offered to the winner who will be invited to visit one of Schlumberger’s centers of research or development and meet on this occasion the company’s scientific community. The choice of the center will be made according to the nature of the work rewarded and the areas of interest of the recipient. The formal awarding of the Grand Prix will take place November 26, 2013.