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Anny Jutand Grand Prize Achille Le Bel

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Anny Jutand, Grand Prix Achille Le Bel

The Board of Directors of French Chemical Society has awarded the Joseph-Achille Le Bel Prize to Anny Jutand, CNRS Research Director at the PASTEUR Laboratory (Selective Activation Process by Electronic or Uni-radiative Energy Transfer) (ENS/UPMC/CNRS). 

Anny Jutand is an international expert of the elucidation of catalyzed reaction mechanisms of transition metals by electrochemical , NMR and UV. She has shown the stabilization of the palladium (0) by halides and acetate ions, elucidated the role of OH- in the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction, wherein the copper (I) in the coupling reaction CN demonstrated autocatalysis of AcOH in activating the CH ruthenium (II) and the iron response (I) in cyclization reactions, etc. To date, her work has resulted in 168 publications (cited more than 7000 times), 9 book chapters, 7 patents and 88 conferences abroad.

An ENSCP engineer, Anny Jutand received her Ph.D. in 1980 at the University Paris 13 (with JF Fauvarque) and then did a post-doc (80-81) in Stockholm (with B. Akermark). Appointed research fellow at the CNRS in 1981, she joined the team of Christian Amatore at ENS in 1984. She is a director of research since 1992 and is based in the research unit UMR 8640 PASTEUR (ENS, UPMC, CNRS), led by Ludovic Jullien.

For more information (in French):
Laboratoire « Processus d'activation sélectif par transfert d'énergie uni-électronique ou radiatif » (PASTEUR, ENS/UPMC/CNRS)Nouvelle fenêtre


The Grand Prix Achille Le Bel is presented annually by the French Chemical Society and rewards of internationally recognize work in the field of chemistry. The award, established in 1976, is given in honor of the French chemist Joseph Achille Le Bel (21 January, 1847 - 6 August, 1930) considered the precursor of modern stereochemistry. For the 2013 edition, Anny Jutand has received the award jointly with Joel Moreau, for her unique and remarkable work in the elucidation of reaction mechanisms, the introduction of new concepts in organometallic and organic chemistry, and the visibility and international renown of French catalysis. 

Photo: portrait d’Anny Jutand. D. R.