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Mikhaïl Gromov, winner of the 2009 Abel Prize

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Mikhaïl Gromov, winner of the 2009 Abel Prize

Mikhaïl Gromov

Mikhaïl Gromov, French mathematician of Russian origin and ex-UPMC professor, well known for his remarkable contributions in different fields of geometry, has been awarded the 2009 Abel Prize.

This prestigious prize is awarded to mathematicians each year by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. It is considered to be the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the field of mathematics. This year the prize rewards Mikhaïl Gromov for his “revolutionary contributions to geometry”.

After completing his post-doctoral “Doctor of Sciences” degree at the University of Leningrad in 1973, Mikhaïl Gromov decided to leave the USSR. Firstly, he joined the State University of New York at Stony Brook. In 1981, he came to France and was recruited by UPMC. The following year he was given the position he currently occupies at the Institut des hautes études scientifiques (IHES).