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The Consequences of Ozone Pollution

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Ozone Pollution: What are the Consequences?

Sébastien Payan, a professor-researcher at the laboratory LATMOS*  facilitates the production of quality scientific data. Focus areas: the study of the chemistry of the atmosphere, pollutants and global warming.

He has contributed to the development of an optical measuring instrument for use on a satellite - IASI - to define and quantify the chemical species such as ozone in the atmosphere. With IASI, scientists determine the origin of ozone peaks and movements of this pollutant caused by human activity, and its the harmful effects on health and agriculture.

Understand how the Iasi interferometer works in less than two minutes


* LATMOS: the Atmosphere, environment and space observation laboratory, jointly supervised by UPMC, UVSQ, CNRS and IPSL

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