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The Vision Institute Inaugurates StreetLab Platform

On Tuesday, November 26, 2013, the Vision Institute, a partnership of UPMC, CNRS and Inserm, inaugurated its first artificial street.

The StreetLab platform enables researchers to design and develop innovative technology solutions for the visually impaired while being able to evaluate the therapeutic benefit of this research directly with the people involved.

This artificial shopping street is a unique R&D environment that has highly sophisticated equipment to support the best researchers and industries. Tools for objective measurements include biometric sensors that analyze movement, eye trackers to determine eye movement strategies, and infrared cameras that monitor and record experiments to analyze the behavior, eye movement strategies and mobility of visually impaired people. The aim is to exploit the results for advanced solutions for the impaired.

StreetLab joins two other platforms of the Institute's Disability Group: Homelab to improve the habitat for visually impaired; and the visual pathology simulator to sensitize industries to different vision disabilities. All this aims to improve the lives of the visually impaired.

For more information, please visit  the StreetLab site Nouvelle fenêtreand the The Vision Institute site.Nouvelle fenêtre


Visionner l'interview de José-Alain Sahel sur l'Institut de la Vision, ses plateformes technologiques dont STREETLab, et les relations avec les industrielsNouvelle fenêtre (in French)



Photo: rue artificielle © Institut de la Vision