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Paris School of Neurosciences (RTRA)

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Paris School of Neurosciences (RTRA)

The Paris School of Neurosciences, Île-de-France (ENP) is a Thematic Network for Advanced Research (RTRA). The ENP brings together the majority of teams of excellence in the field of neurosciences in Île-de-France. These teams are spread across several sites in which neurosciences are an important or the main research department. The ENP also forms a network of high-level technological platforms and research centres which are already existing or under construction. Such a group of teams in neurosciences probably has little or no equivalent on a world-wide level. The scientific programme of the ENP, ‘Understanding the Brain in Order to Treat its Diseases’, has major implications in terms of knowledge, public health (neurology and psychiatry), technological innovation and education. This programme is organised on the basis of three complementary areas of focus, corresponding to the major fields of the neurosciences (molecular and cellular neurosciences, integrated and cognitive neurosciences, neurological and psychiatric diseases). The ENP relies for each of these areas of focus on highly performing teams throughout Île-de-France. By helping to understand the pathological mechanisms responsible for major physical or mental disabilities, the ENP will facilitate the development of new therapies in partnership with the ‘competitiveness cluster’ Médicen (competitiveness clusters are associations in France of companies/institutions that cooperate on innovative projects intended to increase the competitiveness of a given market). One essential aspect of the ENP is teaching, which its scholastic denomination refers to. The aim of the ENP is to give neurosciences in Île-de-France a high-performance teaching tool for research and through research, at international standards, that is able to attract the best students and researchers. The ENP is a scientific cooperative foundation formed by five founding establishments – the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), Paris-Sud-11 University and UPMC (Pierre and Marie Curie University). It is administrated by an administration committee comprising representatives of the founders and of the general public. The executive authorities of the ENP comprise a director, a management committee and a general secretary.
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