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Cerebral Imaging Centre (MEG-EEG)

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Cerebral Imaging Centre (MEG-EEG)

The Magnetoencephalography and Electroencephalography Centre (MEEG) of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital is a functional imaging platform managed by UPMC, the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), located on premises provided by Public Assistance and Paris Hospitals (APHP). It makes available to the neurosciences community equipment that until recently has been unique in France (a second centre has just opened in Lyon). The technique, which consists of recording the magnetic and electric fields produced by neural activity, is completely non-invasive and allows the transcription of the former in real time with a sampling frequency that can reach 4 kHz. The device is equipped with 151 magnetic sensors and 64 electric sensors, ensuring complete coverage of the head.

The Centre is also equipped with powerful I.T. Support, allowing the storage and secure archiving of recorded data, and makes available to users a working room with many analysis tools that are accessible using a set of workstations, mainly via the user system LINUX. The MEEG Centre participates regularly in inter-regional teaching programmes in neuroimaging.

In collaboration with the methodological teams of LENA (Research Unit 640 of the National Centre for Scientific Research), the Frédéric Joliot Hospital Service (SHFJ) of the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and Unit U678 of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, the centre has developed more sophisticated tools using MRI imaging to calculate realistic models of the cerebral area (BEM) and a distributed approach to neural activity using ‘minimum norm’ type methods (particularly the BrainStorm tool kit). Finally, advanced statistical methods are available for carrying out intra-subject and inter-subject analyses and synthesising results.

Thus studies conducted up until now cover a large field, both clinical (epilepsy, dystonia, Parkinson’s, cranial trauma, anastomoses, pre-surgery functional localisation, tinnitus) and cognitive (working memory, perception of faces, binocular rivalry, analysis of visual scenes, emotions, learning, motricity, etc.). The centre’s team, comprising two engineers, a technician and scientific head, Bernard Renault, are available to you to discuss the possibilities of implementing your research plans.

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