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Paris Institute of Nanoscience - UMR 7588

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Paris Institute of Nanoscience - UMR 7588

The scientific objectives of the Paris NanoSciences Institute are at the heart of basic research in nanoscience. However, the openings into various application areas abound: optoelectronics and telecommunications, electronic spin, earth sciences, environment, catalysis or medical diagnosis.

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Nanosciences, acoustics, condensed matter, atomic and molecular physics, optics, lasers, nanophysics, surfaces, modeling, nano-objects, optoelectronics, photonics, particle physics, spintronics, quantum information, nanomaterials, nanostructured materials, interfaces

Teams and research themes

Quantum nanostructures: the object model for complex quantum systems

- Nanostructures and quantum systems
- quantum devices controlled: nanofabrication, electronic and magnetic properties


Confinement and transport in optical and acoustic

- Optical and thermal ultrafast acoustic in nano-systems
- Nanostructures and optical
- Multi-scale disordered media: biophotonics, color


Structure, dynamics and reactions at interfaces
nanoscale layers, training, interfaces, defects

- Physico-chemistry of functional surfaces
- Dynamic interfaces
- Multi-scale mechanics of low solids


Nanomaterials: growth, polarity and strong stimuli

- Growth and properties of hybrid systems in thin layers
- Oxides in low dimensions


Clusters and Surfaces under intense excitement

Doctoral schools

ED 107 - Physics of the Paris region
ED 397 - Physics and Chemistry of Materials
ED 391 - SMAE, mechanical sciences, acoustics and electronics in Paris
ED 389 – Physics: from the particle to condensed matter

Scientific parternships

C’Nano Ile-de-France, etc.


ANR : PNano, Matériaux et procédés, blanche et GDR : "Couleur", "Or-Nano", "Micro et nanothermique", etc.


Integrated Action Programmes (IAP) with 13 European and worldwide countries; Allianz (Helmotz) Laboratory, creation of an International Associated Laboratory with teams from Bariloche (Argentina): LIFAN, etc.

Industrial parternships

Baïkowski, L’Oréal, STMicroelectronics, Airbus, Sidel, INTAS, Arcelor, Phostech, etc.

Main equipements

INSP combines extensive expertise, both in terms of means of production (growth of aggregates, self-organization, molecular beam epitaxy, laser ablation, lithography ...) as means of characterization and studies (spectroscopy, microscopy at high resolution, local probes, sources of fast ions and multiply charged ions, numerical simulation, experiment with time-resolved femtosecond sources ...).

PERRIN Bernard
33 1 44 27 42 22
Physical address
campus Boucicaut, 140 rue de Lourmel, 75015 Paris ; campus Jussieu, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

Laboratory e-mail

Web site
Postal address
140, rue de Lourmel, 75015 PARIS

Communication contact
YOUNES Stéphanie
33 1 44 27 46 86
Administrative contact
VUYE Gérard
33 1 44 27 43 40

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Researchers :

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Post-doctorate :

phD students :

Expanse :
8000 m2