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Claire de Thoisy-Méchin

Press Relations

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Katherine Tyrka

International Press Relations

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When spectroscopy unveils the secrets of art

When spectroscopy unveils the secrets of art

Antique ceramics, medieval stained glass windows, easel paintings, wall paintings, metal objects – if these all evoke a different time period, what they have in common is the extraordinary fragility of their material. Therefore, how can these treasures and their particular technology be investigated without spoiling them?

UPMC analyses and models the atomic and molecular interaction and chemical bonds inherent to the material, whatever it is, by using Raman technology. This is one of the activities of the Laboratory of Dynamics, Interactions and Reactivity (LADIR).

These analyses make it possible to recreate ancient manufacturing techniques, find out the composition of antique paintings, understand alteration and corrosion mechanisms and to detect falsifications and restoration work.

The Raman spectrometer – reading the history inside a material :

A laser is focused on the object of study, then the diffused light is collected. It is modulated according to the mass of molecules, their vibrations, their chemical bonds, physical constraints and the movement of electrons.

Philippe Colomban

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