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Claire de Thoisy-Méchin

Press Relations

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Katherine Tyrka

International Press Relations

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Plasmas: from the Earth to distant galaxies

Plasmas: from the Earth to distant galaxies

The plasma state is the fourth state of matter. In our immediate environment, we only encounter it in exceptional situations such as in lightning during storms and neon signs. It is thus less well known than the three other states (solid, liquid, gas).

However, this state, where matter is ionised, comprising ions and electrons, is the most widespread in the universe. It can be found within stars and in the interstellar medium as well as in distant galaxies.

UPMC is working to prepare major projects within the discipline, including, notably, space projects to study the plasmas of the solar system and the ITER project on the magnetic confinement of fusion plasma.

These projects are based on a common physics (instability, turbulence, transport phenomena). Other aspects have also been developed such as high-intensity laser plasmas, in connection with new instruments under development, plasma technologies for depollution, space propulsion or the development of microwave sources of power and X-ray sources.

The laboratories of UPMC work on all the aspects of the physics of plasmas:

Exploration of the plasmas of the solar system and interstellar medium (space projects) Preparation of major projects related to fusion (LMJ, ITER)
Industrial applications for depollution, nanotechnologies and space propulsion

Laurence Rézeau

Centre d'études des environnements terrestres et planétaires

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