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Thesis defense by videoconference

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Japan’s virtual presence at UPMC for a PhD thesis defense

thesis defense by videoconference

On September 28, 2009, academics from UPMC and Osaka Prefecture University Nouvelle fenêtremet "virtually" at Celia Brancour’s PhD thesis defense to judge her thesis in molecular chemistry (ED 406), entitled "synthetic studies on novel anionic and transition metal catalyzed reactions".

The French part of the defense committee included Max Malacria (supervisor), Louis Fensterbank and Anne-Lise Dhimane (co-supervisors), Dr. Henri Rudler and Pr. Jean-Luc Renaud. On the Japanese committee were Pr. Ilhyong Ryu, (supervisor), Takahide Fukuyama (co-supervisor), Pr. Kouichi Ohe, Pr. Hiroyuki Matsuzaka and Dr. Ken Kanikawa.

The internationalization of UPMC’s courses now gives PhD students the possibility to be co-supervised by several institutions at once, thus earning a “co-degree”. And this is just what Celia did, preparing her thesis with both Osaka Prefecture University and UPMC. Thanks to this double supervision, she obtained a scholarship to study for six months in Japan through the Franco-Japanese doctoral college and a grant to attend an introductory seminar on Japanese culture

Celia Brancour acquitted herself brilliantly, obtaining the double title of “Doctor of the UPMC Doctoral School of Molecular Chemistry” and “Doctor of Osaka Prefecture University”. Her original academic background and the many international contacts she made during her PhD study mean that she can now envisage a career without borders.

For UPMC, this virtual thesis defense by videoconference is a first, and crowns the efforts made to instigate cooperation between UPMC and Osaka Prefecture University.