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Zamansky Tower

16th floor, office 1605

tél. +33 (0)1 44 27 41 16



Opening hours:

Monday- Friday, 9:30-17:00



Those wishing to stay in France must be able to prove that they have an annual income of at least €615/month. However, this minimum amount specified by the Social Services Ministry would not seem sufficient to live on (especially in Paris).


Although registration fees at UPMC are not high, it is important to take into account the high living cost of Paris.


Before you leave, work out an exact budget for your needs in France.

Example of a monthly budget in Paris

    • Accommodation: Room in a university residence (CROUSNouvelle fenêtre/CIUPNouvelle fenêtre): about 300€/month (shared appartment), about 400€/month (single room) Private dormitories: prices starting at 450€/month (region of Paris) or 500€/month (inside Paris)Private appartment in Paris: 600-800€/month 
    • Meals: 30 breakfasts at the halls of residence (CROUS) : 70-90€30 meals at the halls of residence (CROUS): 190 €  
    • Drinks: 55€  
    • Transportation:Imagine R CardNouvelle fenêtre for students under 26: 35-77€ (depending on the area of residence) 
    • Entertainment: 100 €
    • Study supplies: 60€
    • Various: 100€ 
  • Tuition depending on the level of study ranges from 183€ to 606€/ year at UPMC
  • Social security coverage: the minimum level for social security in France for a student is at 211€/year

To give you an idea of the cost of living, here are some typical prices in euros:

    • Baguette: 0,90€
    • Paquet  of pasta: 0,80€
    • Sandwich of outside of campus : 4€
    • Meal outside of campus : 10 – 30€
    • Bus ticket (subscription possible) : 1,70€
    • Doctor’s appointment: €22
    • Cinema ticket: €+/- 9€