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Multimedia Production Center (CPM)

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Key Figures

  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Multimedia Production Center (CPM)

Name of the department

Multimedia Production Center (Centre de Production Multimédia - CPM)


The Multimedia Production Center (CPM) is available to the every service in the university: teaching, research and administration alike.


It uses the most up to date technology – websites, teaching platform, filmings and online broadcasting, videoconferencing, etc – primarily within the teaching context, but also in the contexts of research, popular science and institutional communication


The CPM ensures the development, the multimedia production and the management of tools used in teaching (the course platform for example).
It is also a support structure for academics, who are given advice and help to produce and diffuse online documentation. The CPM may act as the catalyst or the supervisor for ambitious multimedia projects, their creation and their evolution. The CPM provides training and assistance for the systems it sets up (the teaching platform in particular). For more information, university staff may join the CPM website, http://www.cpm.upmc.fr/wws/


More generally, the CPM aims to responds to all requests, which can be made at atelier-ecriture@upmc.fr


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  • Management of online course documents on the university’s official websites.
  • Management of websites for the different degree majors.
  • Production of simple and complex multimedia and graphic documents online.
  • Filming and broadcasting lectures and conferences, live and delayed.
  • Production and broadcasting of video documents and clips
  • Production and reproduction of CDs and DVDs
  • Organization of videoconferences.

The CPM manages:

  • The university’s teaching platform, Sakai.
  • UPMC’s online lecture database savoirenligne
  • The video servers: for example, up to 700 students per day go online to follow first year medicine lectures.
  • The web servers for the different degree majors
  • The university’s videoconference rooms

For more details, visit the websiteNouvelle fenêtre.


Name of the person in charge

Yves Epelboin

Department coordinates
Jussieu Campus
Atrium - 1st floor

Email address

Phone number
01 44 27 65 68/ 65 67

01 44 27 65 44
List of members

Reception and advice: L.-A. Némirouvsky, 01 4427 65 48,  atelier-ecriture@upmc.fr
Secretary: C. Pers 01 44278 65 44  secretariat@cpm.jussieu.fr
Videoconference: visioconference@cpm.jussieu.fr
Sakai hotline http://hotline.upmc.frNouvelle fenêtre, choisir Assistance Sakai.