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Green Building for Sustainable Development

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Key Figures

  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Bachelor of Green Building for Sustainable Development (Vocational)


This bachelor’s level vocational degree is unique yet complementary to existing courses, and will have a positive impact on the consideration of the environment in the construction and civil engineering sectors. This level II qualification in the environment and sustainable development sector will complement skills acquired in a BTS, IUT or any other existing two-year tertiary courses which only partially fulfilled these needs, if at all.


Plant biology, forestry, environment, materials, forestry ecology


 In the environment marketing sector

– Search for new markets associated with the sector.
– Negotiation of contracts, customer base and suppliers.
– Prospecting and solicitation of customers, suppliers, installers for advice and services
– Production and distribution companies.
– Sales executive in an eco-business

In the management and project management sector

– Consultant in project management, ethical approaches or eco-advisor.

In the languages sector (English)

– Professional relations with European partners.
– Prospecting, negotiation, writing.
– Consultation of commercial, regulatory, technical documents…

In the business communication and negotiation sector

– Environment agent in a company.
– Project management advisor or eco-advisor on sustainable development.

In the materials science sector

– Consultant in care and conservation of wood and organic materials and derivatives.
– Chargé de mission in company/producer relations for setting up fair trade.
– Consultant in recovery and recycling of materials and products.
– Consultant in rational, biological forestry.
– Consultant in energy balance, carbon balance and life cycle assessment.
– Consultant in business environmental certification.

In the eco-design science sector

– Chargé d’affaires in an energy efficiency firm.
– Developer of construction solutions which comply with environmental regulations.
– Eco-combustion consultant.
– Wood fuel manager for companies and local authorities.
– Consultant in wood fuel management.
– Development officer or research manager in renewable wood fuel.
– Domestic environment consultant.
– Institutions.
– Ecodesign and green building firm (housing, furniture)

The vocational “Bachelor of Green Building for Sustainable Development” provides a professional qualification for students who have already completed 2 years of tertiary study (L2, BTS, DUT…) in the appropriate fields.


Paper 1: 3 ECTS – 66 hours
- natural materials and construction principles
- wood and wood derivatives, construction methodology
- basis of plant biology

Paper 2: 3 ECTS – 60 hours
- general communication techniques
- computing/office software suite
- language

Paper 3: 3 ECTS – 45 hours
- rights and regulations, certifying, marketing and economics related to the environment sector

Paper 4: 6 ECTS – 55 hours
- forestry
- forest ecology
- genetic resources management

Paper 5: 3 ECTS – 34 hours
- expertise in xylology

Paper 6: 9 ECTS – 120 hours
- ecodesign and green building
- wood and eco-combustion
- preservation treatments
- risk management
- recycling and recovery of materials

Paper 7: 3 ECTS – 30 hours
- environmental project management
- trade negotiation

Paper 8: 30 ECTS including:
- tutored project, 9 ECTS - immersion in-company, 2 fortnights
- internship, 21 ECTS - immersion in-company, 18 weeks

Well-targeted public

 - L2 science and technology (life science major)
- BTS wood and furniture production
- BTS sales technician, wood and derived products
- DUT or equivalent diploma


On line enrolment at www.upmc.frNouvelle fenêtre from mid-February.


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