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Food Safety

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Bachelor of Food Safety (vocational)

This university course with apprenticeship component gives students a professional qualification which corresponds to clearly identified needs and professions. It trains future food safety and product quality specialists in the retail, food, catering and certification sectors.




  • Create, analyze and ensure respect of food safety specifications for products.
  • Identify the weaknesses of a product line; evaluate the risks at every stage and the potential danger of their accumulation
  • Order laboratory analyses and interpret the results
  • Judge the state of hygiene and sanitation of equipment and its environment
  • Suggest preventive measures, and responses in case of contamination
  • Master the main production and transformation procedures of food products and the certified quality procedures
  • Master the national and international regulations for safety, traceability and quality of food products
  • Communicate within the company and the industry about the economic risks associated with a lack of food safety

Food industry, food safety, audit, checks, environment


A graduate of the vocational Bachelor of Food Safety can work in several different sectors:

  • food industry: assistant or head of quality control/food safety (missions possible in R&D)
  • retail: head of quality control/food safety
  • laboratory: auditor / trainer / senior technician
  • catering: dietician / head of quality control
  • certification bodies: certifying auditor

Length: 1 year, alternating between classes (18 weeks) and apprenticeship in company (25 weeks)

Start of the course: September

Course capacity: 15 to 20 students

The associate CFA (Center for Training by Apprenticeship) helps students to find a company to work for.

Well-targeted public

Students aged under 26 with a 2 year diploma in biology, who want to sign an apprenticeship contract.

Continuing education, employees and jobseekers


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