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Ocean, atmosphere, climat and space observation specialization

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  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

OACOS specialization(Ocean, Atmosphere, Climat and Space Observations))

This specialization is designed for students with good knowledge of physics and applied mathematics. It presents the dynamic processes, physical and chemical in the atmosphere and ocean, and issues concerning the climate system as a whole. This knowledge can address the modeling and the predictability of climate. Methods of observation of these environments are extensive, particularly in the field of remote sensing.

  • Acquisition of cultural knowledge enable a multidisciplinary approach of the Environment. This baggage includes tools and a coherent set of specialized knowledge about Earth system processes which is the seat and how human societies have changed and continue to change. It leads to an ability to analyze and modelize complex situations by implementing appropriate tools
  • Ability to search for information
  • Ability to implement a project team
  • Ability to communicate findings in French and in English

climat, remote sensing, oceanography, physics, atmosphere


The specialization ocean, atmosphere, climate and remote sensing training is well suited to careers in research and higher education in the fields of physical oceanography, understanding of the atmosphere and climate, and methods observation from space. Students from this course may also be recruited in large companies willing to include experts in these areas, companies within the space sector, and finally, banks, insurance companies or departmental offices that consider environmental issues related to the evolution of the planet Earth and climatic hazards.

Well-targeted public

It is open to 1st year (M1) to students with a Bachelor of Science and Technology, with honors in physics, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering or earth sciences. For applicants to the course "Science of the Planet", a preferred way of preparation will be the year of license L3 ENS Sciences Planet. The entry into second year (M2) is also possible for students from other specializations or endorsements of UPMC, but also other academic institutions or large schools, subject to the approval of leaders of the specialty .

Person responsible
CODRON Francis

Person responsible

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Scolarité administrative
Case courrier 210
Tour 46/00 - 1er étage - porte 107F
4 place Jussieu
75252 PARIS CEDEX 05

phone number 01 44 27 36 00

e-mail address : master.sduee.scolarite@listes.upmc.fr
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