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Master physics and applications (1st year)

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  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Master physics and applications (1st year)

The first year of the Master of Physics and Applications gives students basic training in physics, providing them with many options for their continuing study, particularly in one of the second year specializations but also in other Master majors or courses of an equivalent level.

  • M2 specializations of UPMC’s Master of Physics and Applications ;
  • M2 specializations of other Masters, in the fields of fundamental physics, physics applications, and at the interface between physics and other disciplines ;
  • Preparation for the French competitive examinations for teaching (agrégation and CAPES) ;
  • Admission based on qualifications at second year level of an engineering school.

The choice of papers allows students, with the teaching team’s approval, to build a program adapted to their skills and career plan. To facilitate a coherent choice of fundamental papers that form the skeleton of a program, several standard programs are suggested:

  • The Fundamental Physics program is intended for students who wish to acquire advanced knowledge of the most fundamental aspects of physics, and who are not deterred by the formal tools of such advanced learning. It covers both experimental and theoretical approaches to basic physics and leads, among other possibilities, to research careers.
  • The General Physics program is intended for students of diverse backgrounds who wish to acquire a broad education that can lead either directly to employment or to teaching or research. This is a generalist program including : basic papers, experimental or applied papers and training in numerical and computer science methods.
  • The Physics Applications program is intended for students wanting to train in specific physics applications right from M1 level, while continuing to improve their basic knowledge. It leads either to research or to employment in very diverse fields : sciences space or environmental sciences, life sciences, instrumentation, teaching.
  • The FIP and Phytem programs are organized in partnership with ENS and ENS Cachan respectively. In addition to students of these two schools, students from other establishments may be admitted, depending on the quality of their application, most commonly at third year Bachelor’s level (L3).

An obligatory language paper is included in every program, as is a laboratory (or corporate) internship in the second semester.

Two optional papers provide an opening towards various fields of contemporary physics and may be a first step towards a second year specialization.

Well-targeted public

The M1 of the Master of Physics and Applications is open to Bachelor of Science graduates having majored in physics or physical chemistry.


Applications can be made on line from mid-April. Consult the major and/or specialization websites before applying.

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Denis CÔTE 

Person responsible
Stéphanie BONNEAU 

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