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Education and teaching specialization

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Key Figures

  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Education and teaching specialization

The aim of the Education  - Physics and Chemistry Teaching specialization is to provide a coherent course that allows students to learn about teaching and the teaching profession while they consolidate their knowledge of the discipline. Future graduates can thereby master the scientific content, including the most recent scientific advances, and acquire the know-how and practical skills required for progressive teaching and/or communication.

The specialization is intended for students who have followed the M1 in physics (main subject) and can show they have a basic knowledge of chemistry. In M2, it involves intensive experimental training in physics and chemistry, professional training based on an internship in a school, and the practice of scientific communication, by preparing for the Physics and Chemistry CAPES competitive examination.


Enseignement, formation bidisciplinaire, physique et chimie, communication scientifique, concours du CAPES.


As the name of the specialization implies, graduates mainly become physics and chemistry teachers. Other possible career prospects lie in public service entrance examinations, scientific education outside of schools and scientific communications within various bodies (research organizations, etc.). Further studies may be undertaken to prepare for the French agrégation, or in journalism schools or doctoral schools in education or physics.


This specialization, common to both the Master of Physics and of Chemistry at UPMC, is organized in partnership with the Paris IV IUFM (teacher training college).  The teaching staff is varied – lecturers, trainers and secondary teachers – which allows a good liaison between the scientific and pedagogical aspects of the course.

Well-targeted public

This specialization is for students who have completed the M1 in physics with some bi-disciplinary training, for example those who took the “teaching” program offered in semester 2 at UPMC. Other eligible students : graduates of another M2, PhD graduates, physics engineers. Students whose main discipline is chemistry are advised to enroll in the corresponding master’s course.

Person responsible
Jean-Michel RAIMOND 

Person responsible
Administrative coordinator
01 44 27 35 49
23/33 Tower - 2nd floor - Door 208
Post office box 85
4 place Jussieu - 75252 Paris cedex 05

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