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Probabilities and Random Models Specialization (M2)

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Probabilities and Random Models Specialization (M2)

This specialization teaches probabilities to a very advanced level. The three papers in the first semester present the field’s fundamental aspects, creating a base which is built on by specialized papers in the second semester. These papers give students to first taste of research which is complemented by a dissertation or an internship.

The specialization includes two streams, one centered on the theory of stochastic processes and the other on applied probabilities and mathematical statistics.



stochastic processes, applied probablities, mathematical statistics


The main aim of this specialization is to prepare students for a research career in theoretical or applied probabilities, or in mathematical statistics. 


The course is organized in conjunction with the Ecole polytechnique, the Ecole normale supérieure Ulm and Université Paris X-Nanterre.

After a fortnight of preliminary classes, the year begins with fundamental papers worth 9 ECTS. Then the student follows specialization papers of 6 or 3 ECTS. The year finishes with a dissertation or an internship in company.


Well-targeted public

This specialization is appropriate for students of various backgrounds depending on the chosen stream. Theory of stochastic processes is intended for students with a very strong mathematics record aiming for a research career. The applied probabilities stream is open to students more interested in applications, and also accepts those from engineering backgrounds.

Person responsible

Administrative coordinator
Besseddik Faouzia 


e-mail address : master.math@upmc.fr

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