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Strategic Marketing and Healthcare (M2)

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  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Strategic Marketing and Healthcare specialization (M2)

Course organized in partnership with CFA UPMC
This course is intended for doctors, pharmacists, dental surgeons, veterinary surgeons, biologists, university and business school graduates who have completed at least the first year of a Master’s degree and executives with professional experience.
This course is available both as an apprenticeship for students under 26 years of age, in partnership with CFA AFI 24, and as part of a continuing education process.
Its aim is to train high-level executives specializing in marketing and management in the healthcare sector.


Marketing director, doctor-trainer, regional doctor, clinical research doctor, project manager, development manager, research manager, product manager, etc. in the following industries: human and animal medicine, biomedical equipment, dermocosmetics, health food, consultancy and research companies operating under contract in the healthcare field, etc.


In general terms, the specialization is structured as the second year of a Master’s degree, spread across two semesters (M2-S1 and M2-S2), with the timetable alternating weekly between university and work placement with an apprenticeship-type employment contract.

The teaching staff of Paris-Dauphine University plays an active role in teaching alongside professionals chosen for their experience in the business world.

The course takes place over one year, as follows: Eight months of lectures and a minimum of four months’ placement
The teaching program consists of six modules:
General marketing and healthcare marketing
Financial management
Access to the market and healthcare policies
Continuous assessment of healthcare products
Core qualifications (English, IT, methodology and HR)
Classes run on Mondays and Tuesdays from October to the end of May at 105, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.


Latest date for applications: 31 May 2009 

Person responsible
Marie-Paule Serre 

Administrative coordinator
Barbara Kanska 
01 53 63 45 20
105, bld Raspail - 75006 Paris
Tel: 01 53 63 45 20
Fax: 01 44 27 26 76
UPMC - 105 Bd Raspail 75006 Paris
Bâtiment B, 5e étage

e-mail address : master.marketingsante@upmc.fr

More information

picto-fleche   Mention site : http://www.master.management.upmc.fr/specialites/marketing-sante.htm