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Risk Management Specialization (M2)

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Key Figures

  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Risk Management Specialization (M2)

The “Risk Management” specialization within the “Knowledge and Innovation Management” major of the UPMC “Science and Technology” Master’s degree welcomes students with a strong background in applied mathematics in the area of randomness, and equips them with more specific skills in the statistical management of uncertainty.

Backed by teaching from the ISUP (UPMC Institute of Statistics), this distinctly vocational specialization corresponds to the second year of a Master’s degree. Three different programs are available, tailored to the various fields of use of statistics: “Industrial Risk Management”, “Living Matter Risk Management” and “Actuarial and Financial Risk Management”.

The three programs are as follows:

  • The “Industrial Risk Management” program prepares students to manage and prevent risks linked to equipment wear, breakdown and operating incidents – proving to be increasingly crucial problems in the areas of heavy industry and large service companies.
  • The “Living Matter Risk Management” program is aimed at all careers where there is a requirement to model and assess biological, medicinal, pharmacological and ecological risk (risks linked to taking medication, risk of epidemic, genetic risks, etc.).
  • The “Actuarial and Financial Risk Management” program is aimed at all risk analysis careers in the fields of banking and insurance: price, interest rate and exchange rate risk, hedging risk, risk linked to life and non-life insurance, etc.



This specialization earns 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits. The first semester (semester S3 of the Master’s degree) consists of lectures separated into core curriculum components and teaching specific to each program. The second semester (S4 of the Master’s) corresponds to a work placement worth 30 ECTS credits.

Core curriculum teaching, worth 21 ECTS credits, is delivered to all Master’s students. It includes the following subjects:

English (preparing for the TOEIC and recruitment interviews in English): 3 ECTS credits
Preparing for working life:                           3 ECTS credits
Data collection, checking and analysis:
   Gathering data by sampling:                     3 ECTS credits
   Multi-dimensional statistical analysis:         6 ECTS credits
   Dynamic modeling of temporal data:         6 ECTS credits


This teaching is supplemented by teaching specific to each program:

“Actuarial and Financial Risk Management” program

Stochastic methods in finance:             6 ECTS credits
Stochastic methods in insurance:         3 ECTS credits



“Industrial Risk Management” program

Reliability of complex systems:         3 ECTS credits
Quality control:                               3 ECTS credits
Experiment plans:                           3 ECTS credits


“Living Matter Risk Management” program

Analysis of clinical trials:             3 ECTS credits
Epidemiology:                            3 ECTS credits
Advanced biostatistics:               3 ECTS credits

Well-targeted public

The specialization is available as part of a formal educational qualification to students who have completed at least a Master’s year 1 scientific curriculum including a high proportion of probability and statistics. In particular, this includes students who have successfully completed year 2 of the ISUP (UPMC Institute of Statistics) or another school of the same type. 


Students should send a CV and covering letter to the Master’s secretariat before 2 September 2009.

Person responsible
Michel Delecroix 

Administrative coordinator
Saphia Bouchentouf 

UPMC - 105 Bd Raspail 75006 Paris
Bâtiment B, 5e étage

phone number 01 44 39 08 69

e-mail address : master.management@upmc.fr

More information

picto-fleche   Mention site : http://www.master.management.upmc.fr/specialites/risques.htm