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Materials and Structural Mechanics specialization (M2)

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  • 9 Science and Technology Bachelor's Degrees
  • 11 Master's Programmes with
    70 Specialisations
  • 1 Master of Engineering Program
    (5 years)
  • 28 International Programs 

Materials and Structural Mechanics specialization (M2)

This specialization is divided into three programs which train students for the different types of structural design engineering: Advanced Techniques of Structural Design, Materials & Engineering Sciences in Paris, and Modeling and Simulation in Solid Mechanics. 


TACS program. A top-class course on the most advanced techniques of Structural Design and Mechanical Systems. The themes covered range from modeling of materials (composite materials in particular), to parallel computing, via dynamics, multiscale and multiphysics aspects and taking into account unknowns. Special attention is paid to the mastery of models and their validation.
Materials & Engineering Sciences in Paris program. A materials mechanics course. The discipline aims to establish the relations between procedure, material used, its microstructure and its mechanical properties for advanced industrial applications and innovative procedures.
Modeling and Simulation in Solid Mechanics program. Thorough training in modeling and numerical simulation of physical phenomena encountered in the materials and structural mechanics field. Emphasis is placed on industrial computing codes.


Well-targeted public

Students with an M1 in Engineering or Mechanics or from engineering schools may apply.


Depend on the quality of the student’s record.

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Administrative coordinator
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porte 232 bis
4 place Jussieu 75005 Paris

e-mail address : master.sdi@umpc.fr

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