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Molecular Chemistry specialization (M2)

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Molecular Chemistry specialization (M2)

Molecular chemistry is at the crossroads of contemporary science marked by an increasing miniaturization. Its object of study is the molecule, which represents the common base of the sciences of the future, from medicine and pharmacology to nanotechnology and materials. All these fields have a growing need for fabricated molecules with specific properties.

The molecular scale has a specific grammar, which is nonetheless common to all molecules whether organic, inorganic or biological. In order to realize the full potential of molecular manipulation, it is essential to master this grammar perfectly, whether planning, for example, the synthesis/formulation of an active ingredient in pharmaceuticals or fabricating molecules with predictable physical activities.

The molecular scale uses its own language, which the molecular chemistry center aims to encompass, covering everything from inorganic chemistry to chemical biology via organic chemistry. This integration is the department’s strength, allowing it to cover every facet of these disciplines, from synthesis and reactivity to the properties and applications of molecules. The center’s four establishments house well-reputed research laboratories in all of these fields, ensuring a strong skills-base and the quality of the course.


Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biological chemistry


After graduation, students may continue studying with a doctorate or enter the workforce. Their skills are sought after in the chemistry and pharmaceutical industries.

Well-targeted public

This course is intended for students with good general training in chemistry. More thorough notions in molecular organic, bioorganic or bioinorganic chemistry are a prerequisite for certain papers at M2 level. These notions are generally taught at M1 level in partner establishments. 

Person responsible

Person responsible

Administrative coordinator
Philippon Céline
01 44 27 30 55
phone number 01 44 27 30 55

e-mail address : master.chimie@upmc.fr
Person responsible for the schooling department
Philippon Céline
01 44 27 30 55

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