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Civic engagement

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Civic engagement

Student elections are held at UMPC every two years.  All students vote to appoint student representatives on the university's three central bodiesNouvelle fenêtre (Board of Trustees, Academic Programmes and Student Life Council and the Scientific Council).

A student vice-president is elected at a meeting of the three bodies on the proposal of the chancellor.  The elected members keep the central bodies informed regarding the problems that students may encounter.  They represent you at council and board meetings and work for your living and studying conditions to be as satisfactory as possible.  They are your spokespeople; so, at the next elections, make your voices heard!

Twenty-two students sit on the university's three central bodies.  Academic, financial and administrative decisions are prepared, discussed and voted within these bodies.  Other elected students also sit on departments and various committees (disciplinary, union rights, health and safety, solidarity fund and student initiative development).

For further information, please contact: Jonathan Fitoussi, Student Vice-President


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