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Adapted Studies

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Adapted Studies

Support Provisions

Every top-level student athlete at the university is provided with both educational and sports guidance.  Study conditions are personalised: it is possible to extend courses, to have particular conditions during exam periods, timetable adaptations and distance learning and support and catch-up classes are offered where necessary.  Moreover, if the student wishes to live in halls of residence, rooms are reserved on the proposal of the university. These many provisions provide the student with conditions that enable them to follow a sport and a university course at the same time.  On leaving university, the student receives a top-level student athlete certificate of accreditation from UPMC, in order to facilitate their transition to work.  Over 22 sports are concerned, from rowing to fencing, from judo to synchronised swimming.

For further information: top-level student athlete reception office at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de ParisNouvelle fenêtre