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Rémi Rouet, elite handball player

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From lectures to the pool: a synchronised path for Lila!

Lila Meesseman-Bakir is a member of the French duo of the synchronised swimming team of France, which will represent France at the next Olympic Games in Peking. A student in year three of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she tells us about her life both as a student and a high-level athlete. ‘Reconciling ...

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Rémi Rouet, elite handball player

Rémi Rouet

‘Without question, it was the organisations and flexibility offered to high-level athletes that made me favour UPMC. And also because the sciences and technologies bachelor’s degree in biology, geology, physics and chemistry suited me. Just imagine –  lessons on CD, adjustments to my timetable, extra tutoring, complete accessibility to high-level sports tutors – your particular needs are accommodated !
Because of being a high-level athlete studying at UPMC, we have the duty to represent the university in sport competitions, but it’s more than a duty, it’s a pleasure. In several years, I would like to start a master’s degree in geoscience and geophysics and reach the so-called “ elite ” level in handball.’


Inter-committee selection ’93
Quarter-final of the 2007 French championships, category – 18 years
Plays at level 1 Livry-Villepinte