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Lucie, sailing ahead!

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From lectures to the pool: a synchronised path for Lila!

Lila Meesseman-Bakir is a member of the French duo of the synchronised swimming team of France, which will represent France at the next Olympic Games in Peking. A student in year three of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she tells us about her life both as a student and a high-level athlete. ‘Reconciling ...

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Lucie, sailing ahead!


‘In her first year of a bachelor’s degree in life sciences at UPMC, Lucie looks back at the choices she made : “UPMC quickly became the obvious choice because I wanted to start studying sciences at a higher education level and continue to train, which wasn’t offered to me by other universities. What’s good is that whatever problem I have, whether administrative, related to teaching or something else, there’s always someone to help me.
Sailing is a part of my family’s history ! I sail with my sister, who is still in secondary school and wants to start studying medicine. In a year and a half, she will stop competing, which puts our team into question. Also, there are a lot of changes going on in sailing. Certain Olympic support structures or cadets/juniors are going to be replaced. So it’s quite difficult for me to see a future for myself in sport. Nevertheless, I would like to participate in the World Championships, in 420, and have a place on the podium at the next French Championships.
One thing that is certain is that I want to become an agricultural engineer !’


3rd in European Championships, ‘ Team ’ (youngest category)
2004 French champion ‘ Team ’
Participated in 2000 European Championships ‘ 420 ’