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Béranger, badminton as a passion

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From lectures to the pool: a synchronised path for Lila!

Lila Meesseman-Bakir is a member of the French duo of the synchronised swimming team of France, which will represent France at the next Olympic Games in Peking. A student in year three of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she tells us about her life both as a student and a high-level athlete. ‘Reconciling ...

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Béranger, badminton as a passion


‘Give up my favourite sport after finishing school ? No way ! It was during an open day that I decided on UPMC . There, I found it possible to study mechanical engineering and take advantage of a system for high-level athletes.
The 2007–2008 season saw me move up into the senior category. My aim is thus to get back as fast as possible into the national ‘ top ’ in this category.
As for university level, I’m going to participate for the first time in the French Championships, which I’m preparing for diligently ! I also hope to be able to help my team as much as possible to get there and also to compete against the many  STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) teams. That would be a great experience for us all…
Badminton players reach maturity at around the age of 28, which still leaves me 10 years to be at the top. My dream would be to participate in the French Open… But I avoid planning for the future. For the moment, I’m doing my seasons one by one and I take a lot of pleasure in travelling throughout France ! And I don’t miss any lessons because I can follow them online at monUPMC.fr. I would like to become an engineer but I have time to think about that !


Top 100 national junior, progression within series B.
Currently : Top 20 national junior, junior double champion of Île-de-France, winner or finalist in many national tournaments and has progressed into series A senior.