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Aurélie Damas: A skier in Paris?

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From lectures to the pool: a synchronised path for Lila!

Lila Meesseman-Bakir is a member of the French duo of the synchronised swimming team of France, which will represent France at the next Olympic Games in Peking. A student in year three of a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, she tells us about her life both as a student and a high-level athlete. ‘Reconciling ...

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Aurélie Damas: A skier in Paris?

Aurélie Damas

‘And yes, one might be surprised at my sport, Alpine skiing, and where I study, UPMC ! Although I am rather far from the place where my sport is practised, the Alps, I chose UPMC because it’s the university that is best for the achievement of my personal and professional plans. In fact, the support, which includes additional lesson time or the possibility of adjusting my timetable, allows me to be available to practice my sport.
Unfortunately, I keep getting injured and after being absent for one and a half years from skiing and a new accident at the beginning of January, it’s difficult for me to return to training. 2008 is thus a year for getting back into shape, all the more so because with regard to the first year of my master’s degree in chemistry, I’m leaving in March to do a research work placement in Canada. So skiing is on hold this year…
I know that I won’t be able to compete in the European and World Cups. Skiing at a very high level is thus finished for me. However, I would like to continue to excel at a national level. One of my plans is to get my state certificate for Alpine skiing (State Certificate in Sports Education – BEES), which I recall is one of the hardest state certificates in France (you need on average five years to do it and have to be constantly in a skiing area during the winter seasons).
As for university, I’m tempted to do a thesis in the areas of organic/inorganic hybrid nanomaterials in order to become a research professor.
So I still have a really long way to go. But with the will and motivation, anything is possible !’


French champion at the 2000 French Skiing School (ESF), youngest category
French champion at the 2004 French Skiing School (ESF), junior category
4th in the 2005 U Elite French Championships (CFU) in special slalom
Finalist in the 2006 French Student Instructor Championships